Bram, Sluki and Co. is one of the leading law firms in Israel in the field of white-collar crime, and has many years’ experience of representation in some of the biggest and most complex cases in the Israeli economy, cases characterized by high media profile and legal representation of senior officials, key people in the world of banking and securities, public companies, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, senior directors and others.

The firm’s staff represents its clients from the beginning to the end of criminal proceedings – from the investigation stage, through arrest proceedings, preliminary proceedings, hearing proceedings and in conducting the trial proceeding before the judicial authorities. The same applies to administrative enforcement proceedings before the various regulators.
The firm has in-depth understanding of the fields of banking, capital markets and commercial law, and has the ability to deal with complex cases requiring special expertise in these fields.
As part of the constant professional service, the firm’s staff guides and directs its clients all the time in their diverse business affairs, including in the fields of securities, antitrust and taxation matters in Israel and in the world, in order to enable them to avoid criminal proceedings.
The law firm of Bram, Sluki and Co. has a considerable reputation in the field of white-collar crime, and is constantly responsible for significant and groundbreaking legal decisions and precedents.