The firm of Bram, Sluki and Co. has special expertise in representation in complex banking cases, and its reputation precedes it in representation in the Courts in very complex and sensitive cases against large financial systems, firstly the banking system.
The firm offers guidance and representation to a range of clients in their day-to-day business and provides advanced services based on extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in the field.

The firm’s staff has many years’ experience and knowledge with regard to banking and intra-bank regulation in Israel and the world, and it is responsible for some of the most significant decisions which have been made in the legal system in recent years in the field of banking, which have an impact on the entire business sector.

The firm has developed a unique niche in representation of companies that carry out business activity involving international transfers of funds in the banking system. These include international software companies, import and export companies, fintech companies, companies providing services to foreign companies for Internet trading services (e.g. forex, derivatives, digital currency, etc.) and others.
In a tight regulatory environment and in complex legal proceedings vis-à-vis the banking system, the law office of Bram, Sluki and Co. is a lifeline for a considerable number of companies, and assists them to maintain routine operations, obey the regulation and compliance rules, and deal discreetly and quickly with requests for blocking bank accounts against a background of inter-bank and inter-country trade, and at the end of the day enables the companies to operate in a regular and proper manner.