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Bram Sluki & Co. is a leading boutique firm specializes in complex litigation, with an emphasis in legal economic cases. Established in 2001, our firm has gained extensive experience in representing Israeli and international clients, including those in the capital market, banking, securities, finance, commercial law, hedge funds, private equity, white collar, class actions and derivatives.Bram Sluki & Co. provides legal services to a wide range of clients, including leading Israeli companies, private companies, investment houses and private clients from Israel and abroad.

Our firm offers its clients- both Israeli and international the highest professional quality level of service, alongside of personal attention given to each client.

Asaf Bram

Asaf is a founding partner of Bram, Sluki & Co., and has vast and extensive knowledge and experience in the field of litigation, especially so in aspects related to the capital market.Asaf is a faculty member in the Management College, where he teaches courses in securities law and corporate law, and publishes articles in the field.At the beginning of his career, Asaf has interned in the Supreme Court, Horowitz & Co. Over the years he has accumulated extensive experience in managing complex and innovative litigation cases, in a wide range law practice areas. particularly in securities law, white collar crime and corporate law. Asaf is a graduate of the College of Management and a has been a member of the Israel Bar since 1996.

Roei Sluki

Roee is a founding partner at Bram sluki & Co. and heads the firm’s litigation department. Roee has gained vast experience in representation of highly complex, multi-sided and wide-ranging litigation in a variety of legal fields- including complex commercial litigation, banking law, capital market, white collar and more. Over the years Roee has led the firm in a series of complex litigation cases, representing clients of the supreme court, heading cases throw mediation and arbitration. Roey is a graduate of the College of Management and has been a member of the Israel Bar since 2002.

Ido Kosover

Ido joined Bram, Sluki & Co. as a partner in 2017. Ido specializes in managing complex litigation cases, with a expertise on legal- economic cases. Prior to joining Bram, Sluki & Co., he headed the management of an independent firm specializing in class actions and derivative acts, mainly in cases involving corporate and securities law. He interned at the Economic Department of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa District Court, in the office of the honorable Judge Khaled Kaboub.

Ido is a graduate of the Hebrew University and a member of the Israel Bar since 2014.

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